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Coron is the largest island in the Calamian group of Islands. A stunning seascape with hidden coves, naked white sand beaches, and a rich marine life. Found at the northernmost tip of the Palawan province, Coron is an islander’s paradise that has maintained its laid back charm. For those seeking a soulful escape beside lapping waters, Coron is the destination for you.





● Via Busuanga Airport

Busanga is a minor airport that services all domestic airlines with multiple daily flights from Manila, Cebu, Boracay and Davao.  Most of the aircrafts that land here are smaller twin engine turboprops. Travel time should only take about 45 minutes from Manila. From airport take a 35 minute van ride to the town proper that should cost around Php 150.00





● Via Puerto Princesa & El nido

Most people taking an extended stay in Palawan will probably prefer to hit several locations at a time. Puerto Princesa and El Nido are two spots  that you may want to include on your trip. Be warned, the travel time can be long by land, but if a road trip is what you’re after than a coastal drive certainly will be an adventure. After visiting the underground caves of Puerto Princesa, head north and get ready for an 8 hour trip to El Nido. From El Nido you can take a ferry to Coron Island. The total travel time without stops is about 12 hours.  You can rent a cart in Palawan or hire a van. Public vans and buses are also available but may take longer with frequent stops at every town along the way.





● You can also  take a ferry from Manila to Coron. There are several trips on select days of the week (Usually Wednesday and Saturday). Reserve your tickets ahead of your departure date  as there are only a handful of trips to the island per day. Head to the  North Pier in Manila and prepare yourself for a 15 hour journey. Fare can range any where from Php 1,300 to  Php 4,500.



● By Motor Bike and Tricycle


Rent a motor bike and drive around town at your leisure. Rental prices range from Php 600-1500 depending on how long you intend to use it. Remember to test drive and make sure the tank is full before and after you use it.


The are no taxi’s within the town, so the common mode of public transport is via tricycle (auto rickshaw). The  noise these motorized vehicles create can take some getting use to but it also is the cheapest way to travel. Prepare small bills as drivers do not usually have enough spare change for larger notes.


● By Boat


To get around the islands in Coron you need to rent out a boat. The most common way is to hire a service boat man along the pier who you can contract based on which islands you would like to visit. Usually a set package is available for you to choose from.




Throughout the tropical climate of the Philippines, heat and humidity is a constant with an average temperature of 300 celsius in Coron.


Best time to go is during the cooler dry season usually between December to February. Summer season is from March to May where temperatures can climb up to the 400. Rainy season is from June to November with typhoons going through the island usually around September to October.




● Hop from one island to the next. Rent a boat and set sail to the many islands around Coron.

● Lounge around the Coron Bay just a few meters from the town center or ask your

   boatman for a private cove where you can dock.

● Explore the rich marine life on the island of Siete Pecados, as you snorkel or dive into

   the depths of its clear blue waters.

● Be surrounded by limestone rocks that frame natures beauty.

● Adventures inland are also waiting to be explored. Visit the Twin Lagoons,

   Kayangan Lake to the Barracuda lake.

● Explore the nearby island of Cabatan.  Covered with mangroves, the island’s naked

   white sands and inviting reefs drawn others to pitch a tent and stay here overnight.

   You can too if you want to get the full outdoor experience.


Local Customs and Culture


Coron has generous laid back people who at times maybe shy but are willing to help those who ask. A thriving tourism industry they are able to communicate with foreigners and boat men will probably be open to share stories about life on the island.


 The Tagbanua people of Coron are also interesting people should you be lucky enough to meet them. The oldest living ethnolinguistic group in Coron, their customs trace back to the first settlers of this island.



Festivals / Celebrations


Kasadyaan Festival - An island wide thanksgiving celebration alongside the feast day of St. Augustine, the locals of Coron get loud and party hard along the main streets of the island.


• Expect Parades and street dance competitions

• Cultural Presentations

• Sports and Art fests

• Beauty Pageants

• Trade Fairs

• Yearly they introduce unique activities like motocross or wildlife trainings ideal also

   if you’re interested in nature photography



Lodging options in Coron average at Php 2,500.  Commensurate to the price are the amenities that come with it. From package deals that include all the trappings of a 4 star hotel to homey hostels for backpackers, the choice is yours. Some also offer up deals that include transfers and boat rides. Most accommodations cater to larger groups with bunk beds so consider bringing your friends along.

● Food here can be as simple as steamed fresh groupers or as complex as

   coconut cream chowders, whatever you’re hungry to for, getting seafood

   is alway a reliable bet.

● Pizza’s by Bruno in Bistro Coron is a favorite stop. Best to head here during

   happy hour.

● If plan to spend the day out at sea consider heading over to the “Palenke”

   or wet market, and buy some fresh dishes to hide away in your boat man’s

   cooler (best to ask, although usually they have one). Experience what it

   must have been like to arrive on an empty island and grill your food by the sea.














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