Asian Travel & Lifestyle Channel

Asian Travel & Lifestyle Channel

LAC Stories are driven by the premise that there is much about Asia and Asians that need to be learned, and the little that is known need to be understood —even among Asians themselves.

Company Overview


The Living Asia Channel (LAC) is the longest running travel television channel in the Philippines. With thousands upon thousands of documentaries about Asia and Asian across the world. We reflect the continuing experience of the east with shows that put a spotlight on destinations, culture, cuisine, and people, plus special shows on business and investment opportunities in the Philippines and the rest of Asia.


Owned and operated by CCI Asia Group, our shows air in the Philippines on Dream 11, Sky Cable 99, Sun Sky 99, Global Destiny 83 and 88, Cablelink 41 and in 22 countries in Asia, and in parts of North America and Europe.


“The Journey is a great adventure with many stops and endless stories. Living Asia is one such journey, an exploration of Asia’s geography and also as a place in the heart.

- Carlos “Caloy” Abrera (Former Chair of the CCI ASIA Group)


The Team

The LAC crew embark on varied projects throughout the year. From the highest point in Southeast Asia to the depths of the pacific. We go to where the travel stories take us. Check out our shows here. Working closely with local community we unearthing the story that best reflects the experience of traveling there. Our diverse team of broadcast professionals locked in a streamlined production process to make the most honest travelogues we  proudly present to you. Join us.


Emily Abrera, Board Chair

Dick Neri, CAG President-COO, Executive Producer

Sonny Hernandez, CAG VP, LAC Managing &

Creative Director, Executive Producer

Carl Magno, President of CCI Asia Television (CATV),

the channel distribution and programs acquisition arm of CAG


Finance, Marketing and Logistics

Peng Godoy, Finance and Administrative Department

Thess Visda, In-charge of Logistics, Marketing

Stanley Manuel, Utility/Liaisons



Dickie Neri, In-charge of Production, Videographer,
Senior non-linear video editor

Oying Pineda, Videographer, Senior non-linear video editor

Jai Bernardo, Non-linear video editor, Production assistant

Ian Agawa, Non-linear video editor, Production assistant



Rosel Cello, Producer, Writer, VO/Presenter

Charisse Aquino-Tugade, Writer/Presenter

Carla Samantha Ocampo, Writer, Non-linear video editor

Pauline Diaz, Writer, VO/Presenter

Richard Hartmann, Writer, Presenter

Chiara de Castro, Writer, Presenter

Devon Wong, Writer, Presenter

Pauline Oyco, Writer

Oz Mendoza, Writer



Ner Angeles,  Consultant for Traffic and Operation

Santi Fernandez, Consultant  for Digital Asset Management

Lito Roque, Consultant for Programming

Yarden Angeles, ToolBox (Technical Consultant)


Website and Online Media

Yarden Angeles, Web Designer & SEO Strategist

Pauline Diaz, Writer, VO/Presenter, Content Analyst


We go to where the travel stories take us.

Distribution Profile

Metro Manila

(All major cable systems and satellite)


• Cignal Tv

 Channel 38            Daily                  9pm-9am

• Dream Broadcasting System

 Channel 11            Daily                  24hrs

• Global Destiny Cable

 Channel 83            Mon to Fri         12mn-6pm

                                 Sat                     11pm-2pm

                                 Sun                    11pm-2pm

 Channel 88                                       24hrs

• SkyCable

 Channel 113          Mon to Fri        12mn-6pm

                                 Sat                     11pm-2pm

                                 Sun                    11pm-2pm

 Channel 99                                       24hrs

• Home Cable/ Sun Cable

 Channel 99                                       24hrs

• SkyCable & Sun Cable

   (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela)

 Channel 35                                       24hrs

• Sun Vision (Taguig, Pateros)

 Channel 64                                       24hrs

• Cablelink

 Channel 44                                       24hrs

• Cable Star Inc. (Rizal)

 Channel 70                                       24hrs

Provincial Area

• Sky Cable channels: Pilipino Cable Corp. (PCC)

• Local Cable Providers in major cities, municipalities

• Dream Satellite Channel 11 nationwide

• Cignal Tv Channel 38 nationwide



• Via Korea Satellite with footprint

  East China:  Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin,

                       Jinan, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin






Social Media and Online Streaming

• Youtube http://www.youtube.com/livingasiachannel

• Lyca Tv http://www.LycaTv.tv